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After a long grueling day, you deserved to be pampered and  refreshed. Find distinctive bath & body
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we have  wedding stationery and party invitations for all your special celebrations.

Once you've decided on the date for your special occasion, our signature collections offer a selection of
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For Weddings Party Favors, Receptions & Bridal Showers -  Let your guests and friends know they are special by
unique gifts and bath soap favors.  Their are many gift ideas to help you create an intimate, cozy affair
such as fragrance
candles and bath favors.

Looking for gifts that are stylish, unconventional or with just a touch of whimsy - Blissful Gatherings, Gifts &
Favors is your on-line solution!  Our bath and body gift ideas, including an assortment of
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Whether you're searching for bridesmaids gifts or party favors, we believe they should be special and the
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Looking for something thoughtful or personal?  Why not create an elegant gift basket embellished with an
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Let us help you make your glorious occasion even more festive with our
unique favors and gift ideas.  
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We also have a host of other items available for you.  Our gorgeous candles, jewelery, stationery,
invitations and favors were selected with you in mind.   The European soap products, romantic bath
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Pamper yourself with our Baudelaire bath and body care gifts as well as our "baby" big bars.
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Bath and Body Gift Set - Bath Soap Favors - Bath & Body Care
Verbena Soap - There are some soaps that are loved by both men and
women.  The refreshing fragrance of Verbena soap is invigorating and fresh.  
The citrus essence and aromatherapy effect of Verbena has created a great
fan base.  This Verbena Soap bath and body gift set contains 8 extra gentle
soaps that are  formulated to cleanse very gently.   It's enriched with Shea
butter and is recommended for daily use, especially formulated for dry skin.
Verbena Bath and Body Gift Set
Mini Heart Soap Favors
What's NEW!
This elegant orchid gel candle will help your create a memorable  bath and
body experience.  The colorful silk flower will help lift your spirits and remind
you to take a moment for yourself.  

If it's a friend that needs a little encouragement or a colleague that deserves
to be celebrated, why not send candles an a thoughtful note to express your
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Find out why people are talking about Pre de Provence body care
products from France. These bath and body care products are made from
the purest botanicals harvested in Provence.

Beautifully scented pure vegetable Heart Soaps by Pre de Provence make
a lovely gift for your loved ones.

Alluring heart-shaped soap with hints of Shea butter which is the ultimate
treatment for dry skin.
Celebration Garden in a Bag  
Celebration Garden in a Can
Lavender Confetti
Bubble Bath  
Shea Butter Body Butter
w/Lavender - 500 ml
If you're desiring a evening in Provence, but
the fields of lavender in France are elusive
for the moment,  then it's time to create a
memorable night with a soothing, luxury
bath. It's time to evoke a spirit of joy and

Run your bath, add bubble bath confetti,
lather yourself with
lavender,Shea Butter
body butter and step into your warm water
and let it take you to another part of the world
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